Cockroaches, Crawling Insects And Other Common Pests.


Cockroaches are a very common, and very difficult species to eradicate. Unfortunately our homes can create a perfect breeding ground for most species of cockroaches. By supplying these pests with food, water, and warmth they can make for an ideal breeding ground. The good news is we know how to kill them. In Asia counties we most commonly see German and American cockroaches, although there are thousands of different species. 


Cockroaches prefer to stay near their food supply and sources of water. They are active primarily at night, and hide in dark crevices during the day. This can make them difficult to find, and you may not see them very often since they are active when you are not.  If cockroaches are seen during the day it is likely due to a large infestation as the available hiding spots are full, or food and water are in short supply. This forces cockroaches to forage during the day, which can alert you to their presence. Since cockroaches prefer to stay near food and water they are most commonly seen in kitchens and bathrooms.


Life Cycle

Cockroaches reproduce very quickly, which can cause small infestations to quickly become large infestations if something is not done. Female cockroaches carry the capsule containing her eggs with her. This protrudes from the rear of her abdomen until the eggs are ready to hatch. Each capsule will contain 30-48 nymphs and the gestation period is about  28 days. Cockroach nymphs can grow to be a mature adult in as little as 40 days. The lifespan of the average adult cockroaches of most species is about one year.



At Salak Pest Control we offer a variety of methods for controlling these pests. Most commonly we treat the inside and outside of your home with a liquid residual (inside) and a granule chemical (outside). This granule activates when wet to set up a barrier to prevent new infestation. We can also provide a natural  “green” method as well as the more conventional methods  We do offer the best treatment which has proven a very helpful and effective tool for treating bedbugs, beetles and cockroaches.


Control Methods

In order to detect potential pest issue early, we recommend you have regular inspection at your premises. All of our services are tailored to suit the need of your individual business.

  • Residual Spray

A sprayer with a multiple spray nozzles will applied insecticides safely and accurately to the insect harborages.

  • Gel Baiting

Gel baiting is another useful mode of controlling insects such as cockroach and share it within the colony. Applying gel bait nearest to the cockroach harborages, sensitive spots like computer cash register machine, near wiring, telephone, electrical boxes, drink machines and food items. Applying gel bait has no disturbance odor, no mess up to the premise and applies at anytime of the day. This method is extremely useful especially in sensitive environment such as food preparation outlets, where residual treatment is not allowed and encouraged.

  • Sanitation

The “bottom line” to long term control is the fact that pest must have adequate food and shelter to live and thrive. The removal of these factors alone via sanitation practices will have tremendous impact in reducing pest population, However to control pest, without any attempt to eliminate their food and shelter via sanitation, pest populations can quickly and repeatedly rebound. Therefore, sanitation is the backbone of a successful or failure of the pest control program.