Bed Bugs


It can enter your home by attaching themselves to furniture, clothing, and luggage. They can also travel along connected wiring and pipes. Unfortunately we have seen a huge resurgence of these disagreeable pests and at SALAK PEST CONTROL we are ready to take these critters on.

For bedbugs we offer a chemical treatment to remove them from the house. This can be used for both commercial as well as residential properties. The first step is going to be to determine the size of the infestation. Once we know how many rooms are infected we can recommend either a single, multi room, or whole house treatment. Sometimes it is obvious to the naked eye that a customer does have a bedbug issue however this is not always true.  So now you know, you have bed bugs!  What next?! Since bed bug infestations require the use of pesticides give us a call.

Here at SALAK PEST CONTROL we use the LEAST TOXIC registered and certified pesticide to tackle your bedbug issue. We want to eliminate not only the adult bedbug but the immature bedbugs that are hatching from the eggs. All bedbug services come with a guarantee but pesticides do have a residual life and that means the product only lasts for a certain period of time after the initial service. 

Control Methods

In order to detect potential pest issue early, we recommend you have regular inspection at your premises. All of our services are tailored to suit the need of your individual business.

  • Residual Spray and ULV Mist

A sprayer with a multiple spray nozzles can apply insecticides safely and accurately to the insect harborages& ULV Mist Deliver insecticides in droplets that are smaller than aerosol ULV droplets remain in the air for several minutes before settling on surfaces or directly on the pest. This method is effective in controlling insects that remain in narrow crevices because the droplets can be carried to the sites with air currents.

  • Sanitation

Vacuuming can greatly reduce the size of the bed bug population Make sure that the bed sheet, blanket, mattress and other textile-made furniture are clean and changed periodically. Maintain a hygienic living environment as it is important to reduce or prevent bed bug infestation.