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Our Story

Formerly known as Salak Pest Control Sdn Bhd. Our headquarters are located at No.10 Kompleks Perniagaan PKNS Jalan Labohan Dagang-Bukit Changgang 42700 Banting Selangor, Malaysia. 

We are registered with the Pesticide Board Pest Control Operator (P1173) and the Department of Agriculture Malaysia with the register number SEL2016/683/151(J).

It’s our commitment to offers affordable, effective, safe, latest and sophisticated integrated pest management methods to combat all kind of pests such as subterranean termites, ants, rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, mites, birds, fleas and storage pests (e.g. weevils, beetles) etc in your premise.

We do have expert in conducting pest control services in private residential properties, as well as commercial premises such as hotels, food retail outlets (e.g. restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores), educational establishments (from kindergartens to universities and colleges), factories, hospitals and other health care canters. 

Other commercial premises that can benefit from our professional pest control services include offices, construction sites, factories and warehouses and agricultural premises.

We do offer one-off treatments as well long-term treatment plans for your peace of mind knowing that your families and staff, properties and residences, goods and businesses will be well-protected.

Our Culture

Through The Years We Have Been Shaped & Formed By Both Successes And Failures

As experts in pest control, we are committed to providing practical, valuable advice and solutions for an effective pest management solutions. Using our internal expertise, innovative treatments and legislation knowledge, we help businesses stay compliant and pest-free, and protect homes and families from pest-borne diseases.


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